Italian Lightning

Ducati originally built bicycles equipped with an engine for more speed with less pedaling. Realizing not everyone wants a 170-mph superbike for a ride around the park, Ducati returns to its roots with the TK-01RR.
Words by Bill Lindsey | December 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

The craftsmen at Ducati joined forces with Thok, an established Italian e-bike manufacturer to create an e-bike ready to take on the toughest mountain terrain. Underneath the flashy Ducati TK-01RR livery is a Shimano battery linked to a Steps EP8 electric motor to provide up to 400% assist, making it a lifesaver when riding long distances or crossing steep ICW bridges. Placed low on the CNC-machined aluminum frame to enhance the center of gravity, the motor, battery and high-efficiency 12-speed transmission allow a full day of riding. Shimano XT brakes, Ohlins RXK 38 front fork and a TTX shock absorber work in concert with specialty Pirelli mountain bike tires mounted on Thok’s mullet wheels to tame off-road trails or the pot-holed parking lot of Whole Foods. Ready to race but content to amble down US-1, the TK-01RR is definitely not your grandparents’ e-bike;