It’s A Jungle Out There

Every year on Apr. 8, animal lovers from across the nation celebrate their fondness of our furry friends by visiting their local zoo; this year’s no different. Celebrate Zoo Lovers Day with Jungle Island and get in touch with The Animal Kingdom like never before through their special “Bucket List” Animal Encounter Series.
Text by Ros Prado Photos courtesy of Jungle Island | May 26, 2018 | Lifestyle

Loving Lemurs
Encounter: Lemurs! Up-Close Encounter
The Animals: Meet June, Daisy, Magoo, Storm, Mystery, Houdini, Sassy and Lucky. They’re Jungle Island’s Black & White Ruffed Lemurs and Red Ruffed Lemurs.
Age: 10 months
Wild Fact: Female lemurs make all the important decisions…just like humans. Their nickname is “ghost of the forest” because the word lemur derives from the Latin word “lemures” which means ghost or spirits.

Winged Whoa
Encounter: Winged Wonders Show
The Animal: Meet Mama Cass, a beautiful Cassowary Bird
Age: 25 years
Wild Fact: This is the most lethal bird in the world, but Mama Cass is one of the only tame ones in her species. A ratite (flightless bird), the Cassowary is a cousin to the Ostrich and Emu, yet it resembles a Velociraptor with its deadly, long talons.

Ferociously Adorable
Encounter: Ultimate Jungle Trek Tour
The Animal: Meet Rama, she’s the cuddliest baby White Tiger in the world.
Age: 16 weeks
Wild Fact: The eye spots on the back of White Tiger ears helps to prevent predators from sneaking up on them — because, well, nobody likes to be taken by surprise, especially in the wild.