It’s Showbiz

With 20 years in the world of entertainment, actress, businesswoman, entrepreneur and Miami’s own Adriana Cataño has made the pursuit of teaching youth how to break into the biz — her biz.
Text by Francesca Cruz Photo by Johnny Arraiz | May 23, 2018 | People

Raven hair, pools of green sparkling eyes and a cool-as-a-cucumber disposition — aside from the obvious, the gal has talent — grants you the insight that Adriana Cataño is on a first-name basis with this ephemeral thing called success. Paving her path a while ago working with the likes of NBC, Fox, Nickelodeon, Telemundo and Univision, today her battle cry is about giving back. With this in mind, Cataño launched her 2-day free seminar: How To Break Into Show Business & Succeed. It’s for teenagers who want to get into showbiz, giving them all of the do’s and don’ts; supplying them with headshots; an acting coach, as well as an overall view, for the starry-eyed, of how to avoid the perils of the industry. To date, all of her seminars have sold out, and she’s revving up for more. Beauty, talent and compassion…now that’s star power;