It’s Showtime

We all love a crisp, vibrant, big-screen experience on home movie night, but standard projectors can be problematic in the average home. Enter the CinemaX P2 from Optoma.
Words by Zelda Grant | December 28, 2021 | Luxury

Optoma transforms the most compact living room into an incredible home cinema with the innovative 3,000 lumen, ultra-short throw Optoma CinemaX P2 Smart 4K UHD all-in-one home entertainment system. The 4K UHD + HDR10 guarantees a high-quality, cinematic home theater experience with an incredible 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. A 6-segment color wheel means incredibly accurate cinematic color in your home, reproducing movies, TV and games the way the director envisioned it. 

Fabulous sound and superior dialogue clarity is provided by the premium 40W integrated soundbar. A handy Gaming Mode bypasses the image processing and motion compensation engine to yield a pure, direct path from the video source to the projection screen for more responsive play. The projector’s most impressive feature remains its space-saving, ultra-short throw design, which provides convenient placement for a huge screen experience up to 120” wide;