Although he has a heartbreaking story, the outlook for Jacque is bright. A 6-year-old, 72 lb.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 23, 2023 | Lifestyle

“I’ve been in two foster homes and did so well — I was the perfect house guest! If you have a big bed, love to cuddle and in need of some company, I’m your dog!”

Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix, he was found with a deep wound on his neck which seemed to be caused by some type of rope or wire. Thankfully, he has healed and moved on from that sad and dark part of his life. He’s very athletic and enjoys going on adventures like running, hiking and playing. He needs humans with dog experience who love working breeds, want to give him “jobs” and continue to train him so that he can keep using his extremely intelligent brain (did we mention he graduated from a board-to-train program?!). He’s looking for an established home with adults (older children 16+) where he will be cared for and loved. Sadly, he’s been at Paws4You for over 3 years, way too long for such a handsome pup;

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