Jeweler’s Art

Sabbia brings award-winning fine jewelry artists from all over the world to Key Biscayne, with a focus on family-owned companies offering handmade masterpieces.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 28, 2022 | Luxury

Much more than a jewelry store — Sabbia is an experience. This intimate, independently owned boutique has curated a remarkable collection of distinctive and sophisticated designs from some of the most talented artists around the globe, including Mariani and Sylvie & Cie. The Mariani Family of Milan has been creating remarkable fine jewelry since 1878. Decades ago, the Vatican and Italian clerics were drawn to their exquisite rosaries. Since then, the brand has been at the pinnacle of sophistication in the fine jewelry industry. Sylva & Cie Founder Sylva was born in Lebanon and raised in Paris, where her father was a master jeweler for Cartier. She’s known for her Old World aesthetic with a modern edge. Her stunning designs are inspired by her antique jewelry collection as well as designs from the Georgian Era. Each piece in her collection is completely and meticulously hand-wrought at her atelier in Los Angeles. At Sabbia, they find joy in helping clients celebrate life’s milestones;