Joyful Endeavor

Cheryl Plotkin Lopez believes a small deed goes a long way. This philosophy inspired her to start the non-profit “Foundation Building The Future” with her family.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

The primary purpose of the Building The Future Foundation is to strengthen educational institutions and organizations located in the world’s most socio-economically vulnerable locations, with a focus on Colombia and Miami. “We believe that education will allow for less poverty and better lives for these children and their families as well,” says Co-Founder Cheryl Plotkin Lopez. “There have been many students that our foundation has helped achieve not only a traditional education, but a higher education as well, that allows them to become lawyers, engineers and other professions.” The Foundation is well-known for its spectacular fundraisers in support of building libraries, renovating sports fields for schools, beach clean-ups, enhancing school facilities and more. They once made it possible for two students from a rural town in Colombia to visit the U.S. as exchange students to learn English for a whole year. “These children had never stepped foot in another country before, specifically in a country where so many opportunities are present,” she says. “Growing up, my mom always volunteered in organizations, and this stuck with me since I would accompany her to social events as a volunteer. I’ve taught my children and those around me to give back to others and to their community.”;