Joyous Feet

Different times ask for different behaviors. The simply divine 2 Mile RE21 Collection from Alexandre Birman is a comfortable transition between home and the city — one comfy step at a time.

Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. COVID-19 made us re-think fashion. We want fashion designed to be useful, to be worn and to be kept. Today’s fashionistas are being more mindful than ever in the choices of what they buy, choosing items that they will wear more often. The Alexandre Birman 2Mile RE21 Collection fits this new philosophy perfectly as these stylish shoes can be worn just about anytime and anywhere. Fashion doesn’t get more fun than that. The delightful Lolita Shearlings are made of suede with a delicate shearling inside, living up to their adorable name. The comfortable and exclusive Lolita Shearlings follow in the footsteps (literally!) of their best-selling shoe, the famous Clarita style;