Just Add Water

Some of the most anticipated trends for Summer 2013 are one-piece suits, cover-ups and mix-and-match styles...helped along in large part by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Kate Moss.

The latest interpretations of this classic look pull out all the stops starting with vibrant digital prints of flowers, animals and abstract art. Somewhere between the one-piece suit and a string bikini are the 2-piece vintage cuts inspired by the blonde bombshells from the height of Hollywood’s glamour era. These are an excellent way to get the right swimwear for your figure type while remaining as eye-catching as someone wearing skimpier styles. The bigger news, however, is that clashing patterns and prints are the new sets, giving a cutting-edge eclectic vibe that’s pure insouciant beach fun. This isn’t about not knowing how to put a beach ensemble together, but rather about having the knowledge that you don’t have to abide by last year’s rules. This also allows the wearer to turn a pair of bikinis into a trio of combinations. So go for it and dive in with confidence this season!