Key Biscayne Magazine’s DEAR MOMS 2013

On an island where family reigns supreme and parents often have to strive to create the perfect work-life balance, these moms stand-out as icons of pure love and total devotion all year round.
Interviews: Jorge Arauz Photography: Chantal Lawrie Hair & Make Up: Teresa Miranda; 786.343.1727; [email protected] Location: Respective Residences & Throughout Key Biscayne | June 16, 2018 | People

Lourdes Luaces Petricola

Residence: Buttonwood Dr.

Profession: Real Estate Broker

Children: Anika Cecile Petricola, 3.5

Why Key Biscayne? “The island embraces an amazing family lifestyle where neighbors are not only friends, they’re also family.”

Best part of being a mom: “I cherish being loved unconditionally.”

Most challenging: “That’s easy: Time!”

Most anticipated life stage? “I’m looking forward to all of them!”

Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “The most memorable Mother’s Day for me was the very first one because I was so happy to finally have my daughter in my life.”

Claudia Sanz

Residence: Commodore Club

Profession: Business & Marketing
Fashion Consultant

Children: Ilanna, 8; Arianna, 6

Why Key Biscayne? “It’s a paradise surrounded by natural parks and the ocean where my family can enjoy many outdoors activities like biking, skating, kayaking and tree climbing!”

Best part of being a mom? “Having a family is a blessing and just having the opportunity to nurture their love every day is priceless. They are my inspiration.”

Most challenging? “Education is very important but influencing a great human being with a strong consciousness and spiritual base is something that parents are responsible for at home.”

Most anticipated life stage? “Every stage has been delightful, and as a mother you just want to see them happy as kids and become content with their choices as they grow.”

Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “I’ve gotten everything from hand-picked wildflowers to cute drawings…but I think their constant smiles and hugs are the best gifts!”

Arianna Cabrera

Residence: Ocean Lane Dr.

Profession: General Counsel for Costa Farms

Children: Sophia, 13; Daniela, 9; Nicholas, 8

Why Key Biscayne? “I love that Key Biscayne is a small community where everyone knows each other. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child!”

Best part of being a mom? “I love the hugs and kisses I get whenever I ask for them, which is all of the time!”

Most challenging? “Accepting that you can’t get everything right all of the time. I know I make mistakes with them on a daily basis. I just try not to make the same mistakes twice!”

Most anticipated life stage? “I’ve never been one to say, ‘I can’t wait until…’ I’ve enjoyed every stage so far and I’m looking forward to the ones that are yet to come!”

Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “I love to cook with the kids, so my best Mother’s Day gift ever was when they made me breakfast in bed last year. They even shaped an orange into a flower — it was very special! The best part was that all of the dishes were done before I got to the kitchen!”

Arlette Duenas-Fuentes

Residence: The Ocean Club

Profession: Substitute Teacher @ St. Agnes

Children: Christopher, 8; Nicholas, 4

Why Key Biscayne? “It’s so wonderful to be able to walk to the beach with my husband and kids every weekend to spend the day playing in the sand, swimming and enjoying the day.”

Best part of being a mom? “Knowing that those cute, funny little guys came from me. I love seeing them smile and hearing them laugh, feeling their love when they hug me and seeing them grow every day.”

Most challenging? “Teaching my boys discipline without being too hard and making them understand that they have to be careful and alert of their surroundings.”

Most anticipated life stage? “I love the stage they are in now because there’s so much time for us to play, learn and go places.”

Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “I love them all. I look forward each year to see what idea they come up with…but at the end, they know I’m just as happy with flowers and a chocolate bar.”