Key Biscayne Magazine’s MOMS of the YEAR 2010

We scoured the neighborhood to discover some of Key Biscayne’s most dynamic moms. Although their backgrounds and life experiences differ, they have one thing in common: an unfaltering dedication to their families, friends and community. So join us as we tip our hat toward these world-class moms who masterfully balance every aspect of their lives with finesse and love.
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Allison Eng-Perez

Residence: Key Colony
Children: Victor Alexander, 5; Angelo James, 2
Other Half: Victor Perez, Int’l Tax Attorney, Partner with Holland & Knight
Profession: Principal with Deloitte & Touche LLP managing Public Sector & Education practices as well as serving as Southeast Chinese Services Leader & Florida/Puerto Rico Diversity Champion.
Why Key Biscayne? “I grew up in Key Biscayne and I cannot imagine growing up anywhere else in the world. I’ve lived in 7 countries and 5 states and my heart will always be in Key Biscayne!”
Thoughts on motherhood: “I’m the core of my family and am experiencing the most exhilarating role of my life! I believe motherhood is the most rewarding, challenging and amazing journey of a woman’s lifetime.”
Family tradition: “On the weekends, the boys jump into our bed for tickle time. We share stories and songs and then make pancakes in our pajamas.”
Best part of being a mom? “Watching my boys grow and explore and find happiness as they become best friends.”
Most challenging? “Not being able to fix all the boo-boo’s and take away all the pain. I wish I had a magic wand to make the world a perfect place!”
Most anticipated life stage? “When they head off to college and I can’t be there by their side. However, I will always be there in spirit.”
Best Mother’s Day gift ever: “Hugs, Kisses and laughter all day long.”
What do you want this year? “More hugs, kisses and giggles!”

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Amy Zambrano

Residence: Buttonwood Drive
Children: Delaney, 9; Peri, 7
Other half: Dr. Jaime Zambrano, Orthodontist
Profession: Manages husband’s orthodontic practices in Key Biscayne, Miami Beach and Coral Gables
Why Key Biscayne? “It’s really one of the only ‘small towns’ in Miami! Everytime I leave the house I see literally dozens of people I know!”
Thoughts on motherhood: “There’s nothing more important to me or more gratifying! If there ‘s just one thing I would like to be known for, it would be being a great mom!”
Family tradition: “We love boating together! It affords us the rare opportunity to just be unplugged and be together. It’s great when there are no distractions…living ones or technological ones!”
Best part of being a moM? “I love seeing my girls grow into unique people that I adore. They are so different from each other — each is a force to be reckoned with!”
Most challenging? “I’m the kind of mom that wants to be at everything with each girl, but with work and all of my own commitments, sometimes it’s difficult, if not impossible.”
Most anticipated life stage? “I keep thinking that each stage we hit is the best, and I keep getting proven wrong. Ask me in a few years and I might have a different answer!”
Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “I love the homemade cards and gifts the very best! They are just getting to the age where they want to use their own money to buy gifts for us, and I don’t want it! I want the homemade stuff forever!”
What do you want this year? “Mushy, sweetie cards they make by hand, their famous breakfasts-in-bed and a good back scratch.”

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Alexandra Leitman

Residence: The Ocean Club
Children: Lawrence, 6; Twin Girls: Anabella & Rebecca, 3
Other half: Lorn Leitman, Businessman
Profession: Recently joined family business headquartered in Ecuador; managing the Miami office for the seafood importing and exporting company.
Why Key Biscayne? “We enjoy small-town life, only 10 minutes away from a major cosmo-city. I’ve made great friendships here, most of them while on Mommy Duty!”
Thoughts on motherhood: “Being a mother is a true gift from God…an opportunity to make a difference. If at the end of the journey my children turn out to become 3 good-hearted individuals…then my goal as a mother has been achieved.”
Family tradition: “Every night the 5 of us jump in bed at night to read, play and say our prayers.”
Best part of being a mom? “The amazing feeling that I’m unconditionally loved. The only thing for certain I have in my life is my childrens’ love.”
Most challenging? “The balancing act between being a good mother, a good wife and a working woman. Children grow so fast, and I don’t want to miss a thing!”
Most anticipated life stage? “When my kids become parents, we will be on equal ground, and everything will start to make more sense!”
Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “Last year, my son gave me a wrapped-up gift that he said was going to keep me safe. When I opened it, I found a funky, colorful bracelet with a small cross on it. I still feel safe and loved every time I wear it!”
What do you want this year? “Breakfast in bed would be nice…although I’d probably get Froot Loops cereal with marshmallows & gum — but it’s the thought that counts!”

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Patricia Flik

Residence: West Heather Drive
Children: Kai, 8; Thea, 7
Other half: York Flik, partner at Allen, Norton and Blue in Coral Gables
Profession: “When my children are a bit older, I look forward to the prospect of resurrecting or even reinventing my professional life.”
Why Key Biscayne? “I could write novels on why Key Biscayne is the perfect place to raise a family, but the most obvious answer for me would be the safety factor and the healthy lifestyle it promotes.”
Thoughts on motherhood: “Being a mother is, by far, my greatest accomplishment. I’m certainly not perfect, but I try my best, and just hope that my kids will learn from my successes as well as my mistakes.”
Family tradition: “We love to eat together as a family. It’s a great way to reconnect, share thoughts and ideas, plan exciting weekends or trips, and just talk about how our day went.”
Best part of being a mom? “Knowing that my husband and I are providing a stable, loving home for our children, where they can thrive and grow to be the best that they can be.”
Most challenging? “It’s hard to find time for myself! Not that I’m complaining, but every once in a while, it’s nice to have some ‘me’ time!”
Most anticipated life stage? “Like any mother would say, every stage of your children’s lives, offers something special, but I’m having a great time with them at their current ages.”
Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “Every year, my husband sits down with my children, and they make the most adorable cards for me that usually include some kind of activity, like finding hidden objects inside of their drawings.”
What do you want this year? “I’m hoping Mother Nature will give me a warm, sun-shiny day, so that I can spend the day outside with my family.”

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Maria Elena Aguila

Residence: Key Colony
Children: Daniela, 3; Nicolas, 1
Other half: Alfredo Aguila; Sr. VP of Compliance for Banco Santander
Profession: Full-time mom
Why Key Biscayne? “We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful island that serves as a paradise to raise our kids. It’s a place full of nature that offers a healthy environment.”
Thoughts on motherhood: “It’s a miracle. Being a mother means showing my children unconditional love and constantly encouraging them to be appreciative for what they have while allowing them to dream.”
Family tradition: “We’ve made it a ritual for the whole family to walk every weekend to the Village Green. On the way back from the park we stop at Starbucks to get my daughter a slice of her favorite lemon cake!”
Best part of being a mom: “I want my kids to have good memories of their childhood so I interact with them a lot and sit down and play. In a couple of years, they will prefer to play with their friends so I’m enjoying this stage as much as I can!”
Most challenging? “Motherhood can have some challenging moments, but with lots of love, patience and open communication we can overcome just about anything!”
Most anticipated life stage? “I’m looking forward to when they’re old enough to travel with us to appreciate other cultures and languages!”
Best Mother’s Day gift ever? “A necklace my daughter made with pasta. It was the first gift she ever made me!”
What do you want this year? “To see the look on my daughter’s face when she gives me one of her famous surprises!”

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