Key Cats

The Key Biscayne Community Cat Foundation is passionate about getting the word out about the program so that more residents can report cats living on the street and find a home for every Key cat.
Words // Bianca Sproul | April 26, 2024 | Lifestyle
Group of little kittens in the grass

Key rats aren’t the only four-legged critters that roam about the island — Key cats have been weaving through the palms and mangroves of Key Biscayne for decades. Founded in 2012 by the late Dr. Adair Bush, the Key Biscayne Community Cat Foundation fights tooth and claw to rehome former pets dumped illegally and neuter unhomed cats. The program, currently led by Isabelle Stec and her team of cat-loving volunteers, has pledged to mitigate the number of abandoned cats on the island with a rigorous trap & release program and a campaign to adopt out as many cats as possible. From dressing up cars as cats in the Fourth of July parade to submitting films to the Key Biscayne Film Festival, the cat lovers behind the organization promise to get every homeless cat off the street — one feline at a time.; @Key.Biscayne.Cat.TNR.