Key Couples

We scoured Key Biscayne to find couples who take the power of two to a whole new level. Their total devotion to one another is both inspirational and beautiful, and their responses to our questions will make you laugh, cry and fall in love all over again.
Photography: Chris Bejarano. Interviews: Jorge Arauz | June 6, 2018 | People

Bernardo Hussing & Izabella Chimenti De Hussing

Residence: Key Colony
Time together: 20 years
Children & Pets: Carolina (18); Felipe (16); Ana Julia (13); Snowbell (cat); Cookie (pomeranian); Oa (umbrella cockatoo)

Professions: He’s Sr. VP at Transnational Supply; She’s a mother and housewife.

How they met: During their freshman year of college in Sao Paulo.

What do you love about each other? Bernardo: “ I love waking up and looking at her smiling face; Izabella: “I love his generosity.”

What can’t you stand? Bernardo: “I can’t stand that she’s still a fan of Luis Miguel.” Izabella: “He travels too much.”

Romantic nicknames: He calls her “Bella”; She calls him “Berndt.”

Ideal “date night”: Cooking on Friday night with the family while watching Brazilian soap operas on the couch.

How have you made each other better? “We’ve succeeded, we’ve failed, but we have constructed our relationship on solid bonds, overcoming all of life’s challenges.”

Best way to describe your relationship? “It’s built with eternal love.”

Don Hall & Paola Padovan

Residence: Grapetree Drive
Time together: Married 6 years
Children: Donnie (21); Jonathan (19); Mikey (14); Carolina (11)

Professions: He’s retired from sales & marketing and volunteers with various community activities; She’s a realtor for Padovan Realty Corp. and on the Boards of Key Biscayne Yacht Club & Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce.

How they met: On “It was love at first byte!”

What do you love about each other? Don: “She lights up a room with her presence!” Paola: “He’s rock-solid in his strength of character and an amazing singer!”

What can’t you stand? Don: “Sometimes her passion can go the wrong way and when that happens…watch out!” Paola: “He loves his Dolphins a little too much!”

Romantic nicknames: “None that we can share for publication!”

Ideal “date night”: Stone crab karaoke nights at home.

How have you made each other better? Don: “She gives me a zest for life and brings excitement and passion into my world.” Paola: “He always makes me feel worshipped and adored.”

Best way to describe your relationship: “You’re my everything!…from Michael Bublé’s Everything, our wedding song.”

John Paul (JP) & Stacia Bahamondes

Residence: Harbor Drive
Time together: Married 6 years
Children: Bennett (2)

Professions: He’s a Medical Device Consultant for Electronic Waveform Labs; She’s Marketing Director for United Capital Companies & Board Member of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Nature Center.

How they met: Mutual Key Biscayne friends introduced them.

What do you love about each other? JP: “She’s very caring, loving and fun to be with!; Stacia: “He’s honestly the best person I know and I feel very lucky to have found him!”

What can’t you stand? JP: “She has a little issue with tardiness.”; Stacia: “He’s uber punctual!”

Romantic nicknames: “Hmmm…not sure we want to go public with these!”

Ideal “date night”: “Since we have a toddler, we often stay close to home…so any night out is a treat!”

How have you made each other better? JP: “She inspires me to be the best husband and father I can be.”; Stacia: “He helps me to live in the moment!”

Best way to describe your relationship: “Love, fun, family!”