Key Note

It’s incredible what a difference 12 months makes!
Words by Jorge Arauz | November 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

Exactly a year ago, my Editor’s Letter was dedicated to maintaining a sunny disposition. “Optimism is a conscious strategy to make the future better — to believe things will turn out alright…and to always take active steps toward a happy ending,” I said. “It’s a way of life that can wholly restore your faith in yourself and in humanity.” Exactly a year before that, in Dec. 2019, the headline on this page was “Change The World” and I was excited about saying “hello to a very futuristic-sounding 2020” and “entering into a brave new world that will surely bring us technological and societal advancements that we cannot yet imagine.” Today, we find ourselves having morphed from trendsetters in trailblazers, each of us forging our own unique path into the great unknown. And here were are, more engaged than ever and ready for whatever surprises the world throws our way. History will look at us as the generation that battled the most unexpected global challenge in our lifetime and made it through with ingenuity, optimism, prayer and lots of luck. Did some of us wish it was all just one big collective bad dream? Sure. Did we all intuitively unite to figure things out and emerge victorious? You bet.