Key Saver

With Citizens For A Better South Florida, Gloria Antia has been working hard to preserve our local environment one step at a time.
Text by Jacquelyn Benson | June 8, 2018 | People

Gloria Antia has been part of Citizens For A Better South Florida for years, working to forward the group’s mission of inspiring those in underserved communities to take an active role in preserving their environment. Hot on their agenda is the Virgina Key Restoration Project. “Virginia Key is a unique site in the U.S. comprised of only a few acres of several different ecosystems such as sea-grass beds, coastal dunes & hammocks and mangrove forests — and it’s home to about 106 native and endemic species,” she says. “These precious ecosystems are constantly threatened by the invasion of exotic species and need constant attention to keep the ecosystem healthy and to protect its biodiversity.” To find out about volunteering with the project, visit