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Kitchen Couture

The holiday season reminds us of the importance of the home and the most central room in it, the kitchen. Ready for an update? We’ve got a sampling of the most “Intagram-Worthy” kitchen trends for 2018.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 7, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

The kitchen is truly the social epicenter of any home with the coming year seeing more open flow between kitchens and seating areas. Galley kitchens are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with focal pieces in the form of islands for people to gather with seamless floorplans that highlight the kitchen instead of creating boxed-off spaces and segregated rooms. Modern kitchens will reflect a journey for the eyes combined with the functionality of professional-grade amenities. Think new cupboard designs, new geometries for mechanisms, revolutionary surfaces and new materials matched to create a unique cuisine that adapts to all contexts, such as is found in the trendsetting ItalKraft Domina Collection. For the classic fan of shows like Fixer Upper, ItalKraft’s Laura farmhouse style has become a major trend that’s here to stay. When it comes to glamorous living, luxury black is back in the form of unforgettable, avante-garde custom kitchens. There is truly a trend for every taste;