Legal Champion

Dedicated advocate Alexandra Ramon and her experienced team help clients get the money they need and deserve from their insurance provider when the company fails to pay enough or wrongfully denies their claims.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 27, 2022 | People

Alexandra Ramon is dedicated to helping her clients. “I would say that about 80% of people believe that their insurance provider is there to help them,” she says. “Then, when they go through a bad experience with a claim, they realize that’s not the case. That’s why we at RRBH Law do what we do and help as many people as we can.” She previously worked for a firm that represented insurance companies, but then met an elderly lady struggling to just get by, let down by everyone including her attorney. Ramon immediately “switched sides.” The most fulfilling case she’s worked on to date involved a mother and father and their two kids, both of whom had physical disabilities. “The sewer line in their home had collapsed, which made both of their bathrooms unusable. For a long time, the family was using a porta potty,” she says. “The insurance company was stringing them along, so we got involved and got them a settlement so they could fix their bathrooms.” She believes that the insurance claim process is broken because the insurance companies just see dollar signs. In her spare time, Ramon loves fishing and is big on marine conservation. She practices catch-and-release and is a lifetime member of Florida Fish & Wildlife. She loves Spanish salsa music and likes to get out on the dance floor every now and then to kick up her heels. She’s currently working with home and business owners on Florida’s West Coast, helping with Hurricane Ian recovery efforts;