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To say we’ve got a lot on our minds is a massive understatement. Ramon “Moncy” Blanco-Herrera, Esq., wants to help take some of that stress away as America reopens.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

As Miami enters the next phase of re-opening, it’s important to take precautionary measures to avoid hazards. We’re seeing more cars on the road with mechanical issues, and many more hazards. “Our recent rainy weather, combined with drivers out of the habit of getting around town, is causing more accidents,” says Ramon “Moncy” Blanco-Herrera, Esq. “I’m already receiving calls from people who have been injured and need help making sure their medical and other expenses will be covered.” He has also discovered that some people are afraid to seek medical help after an accident but it is imperative to do so. “With telehealth options becoming more common, I’m encouraging everyone who has been injured to seek care to prove that they were injured,” he says. “I can provide referrals to qualified healthcare providers in this space who will defer payment until you receive your insurance settlement and in the meantime can do whatever is medically possible virtually.” He’s also available to help anyone who may have experienced abuse during the stay-at-home order and is seeking compensation for their injuries. Hurricane matters may have been set aside with everything else going on, but storm season is here and it’s important to prepare your homes and have a plan in case Miami is hit.Blanco-Herrera can help with storm damage insurance claims and to fight the insurance company if they deny your claim. “We’re also getting close to the deadline to reopen or open a new Hurricane Irma claim,” he says. “September 9 is the last day. If you have noticed damage that you believe was from Irma, or if you feel that your claim check did not fully compensate you for your loss, you may have a case.”;