Libation Creations

We are living in the era of craft beer. There are countless artisanal brews available around town and now you can make magnificent brews in your own kitchen.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

Taking the guesswork out of craft beers, PicoBrew is a boon to both newbies and pros alike. You can go the easy route and choose from a wide selection of beer recipes; or you can totally customize your own based on the flavors you like best. The brewing machine automatically detects recipes from the PicoPaks and allows you to adjust the alcohol by volume and bitterness before beginning the brewing process. There are several models to choose from, with the new Pico Model C taking 2 hours to brew and 7-10 days to ferment and carbonate. It’s a complete taproom in the home, ready to brew award-winning beers from more than 170 breweries around the world without needing complex equipment and supplies. Word is they’re getting into brewing coffee next;