Life-Altering Art

Lori Saint Rome advocates for love through her vibrant illustrations and promotes self-care, inner peace, femininity and joy, with love at the foundation of her purpose.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2024 | People

Before her era as uplifting artist, Lori Saint Rome graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Civil Engineering and was a practicing engineer. During the pandemic, she began hosting friends for virtual watercolor paint nights to unite people, spread love and nurture her inner calling. The following year, she founded Lori Theory at a time when professionals around the world were embarking on entrepreneurial journeys known as “pandemic pivots.” She finally transitioning to full-time artist in 2022. Her colorful, well-represented, nature-infused art with elements of fashion and unique patterns is inspired by her personal experiences as a woman who chose to challenge social norms and expose her radiant spirit. She strives to aid other women in their journeys of self-discovery by providing them with creative pieces that reflect their values and allows them to create a safe haven in their homes. Her art goes beyond the canvas in the form of stickers, notebooks, greeting cards and puzzles, allowing her multiple collections to be shared in various ways. Although she started with watercolor, she also flourishes in digital art;