Life Cycle

A long-term resident of Key Biscayne, RPM Indoor Cycling’s Mauricio Gomez is just the type of athletic advocate our village so desperately needs.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Photo by Edward Leal | June 29, 2018 | People


“At RPM Indoor Cycling, you come back day after day because it’s a respite, an oasis of calm.”


“Everything comes through the eyes first” is an old adage that has served many a fitness-enthused businessman well. When Mauricio Gomez set out to design Key Biscayne’s first dedicated indoor cycling studio, he didn’t simply occupy some pre-fabricated interior with machines and a smattering of inspirational posters. No, when it comes to looking and feeling your best, Gomez, a Colombian-born 18-year resident of the Key with an impressive resume of architectural and design credits, knows one has to occupy a space with presence. “Most of us want to exercise in a place that triggers us aesthetically,” says Gomez, who, in addition to being the President & Creative Director of RPM Indoor Cycling is the Creative Designer of hit firm Elemental Design & Construction. “It has to inspire the person exercising — and our studio was designed with exactly that mentality.” He continues: “At RPM Indoor Cycling, you come back day after day because it’s a respite, an oasis of calm,” he says. “If the place looks good and feels good, you want to inhabit your body in the same way.” Not only the bearer of an undeniable artistry, RPM Indoor Cycling also comes equipped with a frankly unbeatable full-service package that ensures its customers feel satisfied mind, body and soul. “When you walk through our doors, you’re handed the best — from top-of-the-line cycling shoes to state-of-the-art cycles to towels infused with a variety of calming scents and class offerings from our awesome team of trainers,” he says. “Key Biscayners are used to getting the best, and we wanted to continue that tradition. With RPM, it becomes more than just an exercise, it becomes a part of your life!”;