Living Time

The Sherman robot time-teller is a result of Maximilian Büsser’s on-going quest to revisit his childhood. He’s no normal clock — he’s on a mission to make the world a more entertaining place time and time again.

As a little robot companion, Sherman feels alive, with his eyes carefully looking at you, and his maneuverable arms ready to embrace. Sherman only does two things, but he does them very well: tell the time, and he makes people smile, which is probably the world’s most valuable complication. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, man’s best friend was his robot,” says Max Büsser. Sherman is a decent kinda fella, affable, reliable, like clockwork…but there are places you wouldn’t take him. Places like Vegas, Bangkok, or all-night shooting ranges in Kyrgyzstan where they’ll let you blow up a 1994 Honda Accord using a Soviet grenade launcher. Enter Bad Sherman wearing a dapper removable hat for doffing to the ladies. He sports a pair of sunglasses so you can’t see what he’s thinking while he plays high-stakes poker in Monte Carlo, and a handgun that doubles as a clock-winder. It’s a timepiece that packs a piece, just in case;