Louis, Louis, Oh Baby

As a defining design house, trend titans Louis Vuitton announce an exciting collaboration with famed artist Jeff Koons.
Text by Hugh Marchand | May 10, 2018 | Luxury

In a truly awesome launch assured to titillate our art-enthused citizenry, Louis Vuitton’s latest line of artist-inspired accessories spotlights the works of none other than famed Sculptor, Painter and Multi-Media Artist Jeff Koons, a creative mind whose pop-inflected pieces are already deftly dispersed and doted upon across our city. The latest in a lush line that’s featured such celebrated creatives as Takashi Murakami, Stephen Sprouse and Daniel Buren, the Koons-Vuitton Collaboration will draw principally from his world-renowned Gazing Ball collection, paying homage to such classical masters as Da Vinci, Rubens and Van Gogh, while further cementing this substantial house’s status as peerless patrons of the fine arts. Perhaps most enticing of all? Koons will turn his deft hand toward the brand’s iconic monogram, a surprising first for a designer so intent on recasting the limits of accessory design;