Love Light Laughter

Living in paradise has its perks — and everything is augmented when you find that special someone to share it with. The Key Couples you are about to meet exemplify the epitome of true love at its finest.
Words // Jorge Arauz | Photos // Josue Acosta | January 28, 2022 | People

The Cotos

Carlos & Marianne Coto have a romance for the ages after nearly 52 years of wedded bliss. Both from an education background, Carlos taught science, chemistry and biology before becoming a high school guidance counselor; Marianne taught for 36 years, working primarily with special needs students. Back in the early ‘70s, the couple decided to supplement their limited income by dabbling in real estate. “We would buy and fix a house, sell it and then we’d moved,” they say.  “We moved a total of 15 times — we look back and don’t know how we did it!” Today, The Coto Group is continually ranked as one the top real estate teams in Key Biscayne and around the country. “We care deeply for one another and have created many beautiful memories together,” they say. “From raising our family to creating common goals and celebrating milestones, every day our love grows stronger.”

The Holloways

The modern-day love story of Alexa & Theo Holloway started on They had their first date at The Standard in Miami Beach, where they experienced the hotel’s famed interactive grown-up version of Bingo. Theo recalls Alexa entering the room “literally sparkling” with glitter and sequins; she remembers him as being far more handsome in person than on his profile pic. Since then, Alexa (a former dolphin trainer turned CEO of Key Biscayne’s leading doggie daycare, boarding and training facility, Your Good Dog) and Theo (a hotelier, hospitality exec and avid car enthusiast) have settled down in Key Biscayne to raise their family. They are as involved in the community as they are to one another. “If Hollywood ever produced a movie about our relationship, it would have to be very James Bond,” they quip. “It would be full of adventure, style, glam and lots of fun!”


Meeting in 1982 at The American University in Washington, D.C., The Weissons have successfully managed their dual careers with their lifelong love for one another. Ruben is a Portfolio Manager for Wells Fargo Advisors, working with individuals to preserve their wealth for generations; Maggie is a Cytologist for Baptist Health Systems, analyzing pathology specimens through a microscope to detect cellular abnormalities. Together, the couple are highly involved in the community by way of the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne and the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce. When it comes to romance, the couple enjoys candlelit dinners, taking in the sunset over a glass of bubbly and cuddling up to binge-watch new streaming shows. “Our love is based on honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, determination, resolve and joy,” they say. “We put love, family and communication first and foremost.”