Love & Light

During the height of stay-at-home orders, award-winning Photographer Wioletta Bublik set out to capture Key Biscayne families during quarantine in front of their homes. What she documented has been an inspiration for all those following her journey on social media and around the world.
Interviews by Jorge Arauz | Photography by Wioletta Bublik | All portraits @ CapturesByViolet | August 31, 2020 | People

The Orloff Family

“It’s so important to notice all the blessings in your life. We hope that during these challenging times people learn to care more about each other, to always help others when possible and to smile more! A smile goes a long way!”

The Kemper Family

“Our hope for the future includes that we return to some sense of normalcy soon, and that we begin to show that we have learned resiliency and develop a greater appreciation for one another by understanding how vulnerable and precious our lives really are.”

The Pritchett Family

“We have tried to stop and appreciate the stillness. Sometimes I believe we as a world were getting too out of control and God, Mother Earth and the universe wanted us to slow down!”

The Castillo Campos Family

“Gratitude gives us a better perspective of the good things happening to us, like having the gift of life — the rest will find its way and fall into the right place.”

The Latterner-Jenkins Family

“The best words of encouragement we can offer during these challenging times is to take the opportunity to enjoy your family and cherish each moment you have together.”

The Davey/Thorne Family

“If we want to find solutions to the issues such as climate change and inequality that we are all facing and succeed as a species on this beautiful planet of ours, it’s crucial to work together globally.”