Love Story

I remember reciting my wedding vows in the mirror, in the shower, in the car, on the treadmill, on my way to work.

“I’ve spent much of my life looking up at the sky and the stars, in awe of the beauty of it all, amazed by the possibilities, filled with hope and wonder…and then one day I looked up at there she was, the girl of my dreams.”

I was a nervous wreck for months leading up to the big day. So many memories swirled around in my mind — our serendipitous meeting at a charity gala that by chance was aired on a reality TV show; our jam-packed first date that included an impromptu concert, a flat tire and a paparazzo in the bushes; and our proposal adventure in India during a solar eclipse and hail storm on a palindrome day that is the same forward and backward. Ever since, we’ve embarked on a lifetime of loving, learning, growing and exploring. It was only fitting that for our most recent trip we jetted off to a romantic long weekend in Paris to celebrate our anniversary. As each new year flies by and our love grows stronger, we look forward to each new itinerary with joy, excitement, gratitude and lots of love.