Lovely Linen

120% Lino’s collections are the perfect weekend contemporary attire whether you are heading for lunch to the newest restaurant on the beach or enjoying a day relaxing with friends on a boat
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2019 | Fashion

When timeless elegance meets true quality in ageless garments realized with fine workmanship and superior fabric, you’re most definitely in front of a 120% Lino product. The luxury Italian brand — which has become synonymous with noble, versatile, long-lasting and sustainable linen that elevates one of the oldest and rarest natural fibers into a sophisticated product — is focusing on “natural luxury” conceived as understated chic. This means that luxury is perceived, not flaunted and never associated with ostentation. They have taken this new culture shift into consideration by delivering products that have personal value for today’s consumers who are in “search of happiness”…but not the one which fashion associates with objects whose materials and ambitions are ephemeral. Every single element of the men’s, women’s and children’s collections are the perfect reply to a contemporary consistent need of an elegant style with comfort and a distinctive consciousness for a healthy and traceable product. Every new purchase is comfortable, durable and authentic. Moreover, their famous natural dyeing process makes the products even more unique by offering garments that are exceptionally soft in a wide selection of colors and nuances. Walking into a 120% Lino store, the eye is captured by the delicate symphony of natural tones and brighter shades perfect for South Florida;