Loving Care

Nest Of Love has changed founder Samantha Gil’s life in such a way that she can in turn affect the lives of others on a daily basis, resulting into what she considers the true meaning of success.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 30, 2019 | People

“Never give up on your dreams and always remember that your comfort zone and goals may never align — and that is OK as long as you are working toward creating a better world!”

Samantha Gil has always had a passion for helping people. “I realized this was my calling very early in the beginning stage of Nest of Love (NOL),” she says. “It was very hard in the beginning but I believed in myself and I never gave up and stayed focused.” Today, the organization successfully provides community outreach programs for women’s empowerment, leadership training, mentorship and wellness. “Intelligence and ambition are priceless, that’s what winning is all about,” she says. “We should all aim to congratulate the women who finish school and all the entrepreneurs who make it happen. I always say that focus leads to understanding, and understanding leads to success.” Recently, Nest Of Love partnered with The Ricky Patel Foundation and United Way to fill 4 planes with over $250,000+ of donated essential items to help victims of Hurricane Dorian for Bahamas Relief;; @NestOfLoveOrg.