Magic MOMS

These Key Biscayne mothers make magic happen each and every day, ensuring their kids lead the happiest lives possible and that all their dreams come true, one smile at a time.
Interviews by Jorge Arauz Photos by Ximena Etchart | May 25, 2018 | People

Natalie Marie Matta 


PROFESSION: Full-Time Mom & Former Elementary School Teacher

CHILDREN: Andres (8), Alfonso & Nicolas (20 months)

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “I love living in Key Biscayne not just because I was born here, but also because of the convenience, safety and memories — I want my children to experience the same Key Biscayne life I was very lucky to have!”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “When they look at me and say ‘I love you mommy’. After a long day, when I’m exhausted, a smile, laugh or hug from my kids gives me all the energy in the world!”

MOST CHALLENGING? “It can get tough balancing home, husband, exercise, children and outside activities without short-changing any of them.”

FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITIES: “We love going to the beach, riding our bikes to the old zoo and spending time at the park.”

LOOKING FORWARD TO…“I can’t wait until my kids are in high school to see how they develop intellectually, as young adults, and as members of the community — it will be interesting to debate the topics of the day at the dinner table!”

IDEAL MOTHER’S DAY: “Call me old-fashioned, but seeing their smiles and hearing their little feet as they run to my room to climb on the bed is the best gift ever!”

Sandra Millan Morris

RESIDENCE: Crandon Blvd.

profession: CEO of The Morris Family & Realtor for Fortune International Realty

CHILDREN: Daniel (9), Alexandra (7), Isabella (5)

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “Key Biscayne is a little like The Truman Show, sometimes I wonder if a piece of the sky is going to come down and hit me in the head. The town is big enough to keep meeting new people but still small enough to know a good group of them.”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “Learning to be one! I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to become a mother.”

MOST CHALLENGING? “Sometimes it’s challenging finding the patience to accomplish everything — but I step aside, count to 10 and try to tackle it all the best I can.”

FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITIES: “We live each day to the fullest, enjoying each moment as much as possible.”

LOOKING FORWARD TO…“I’ve loved every stage of my kids’ lives — when they were little and learning to walk, it was more physical; I remember running after them, making sure they were safe. Now, their minds have questions and it’s great to learn how to address them.”

IDEAL MOTHER’S DAY: “Having my kids hug me and say they love me! What else could I ask for? I’m a lucky girl!”

Maite Garrido Thornton

RESIDENCE: Hampton Lane

PROFESSION: Realtor, EWM Reality

CHILDREN: Tommy (8); Jack (6), Matthew (4)

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “I truly love island life and how accessible everything is…school, friends, sports, the supermarket. My kids are blessed to grow up in this environment.”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “I enjoy the special moments, those days when you see them discover something for the first time, like learning to ride a bike or finishing their first book — it reminds me that their innocence is priceless!”

MOST CHALLENGING? “Patience. Sometimes, I just have to take a deep breath and carry on…especially with 3 boys!”

FAVORTITE FAMILY ACTIVITIES: “I love when my husband and I are able to get away with the kids and disconnect for a bit, spending some quality time together.”

LOOKING FORWARD TO…“Every stage is great, bringing something new and amazing to the table. I look forward to what’s to come and to reminisce about what’s already passed with a big smile and wonderful memories.”

IDEAL MOTHER’S DAY: “Seeing their lovely faces first thing in the morning coupled with a few hugs and kisses is really the best gift for me. That being said…I love surprises!”