Magical Sounds

For Bowers & Wilkins, the Nautilus represents their fundamental purpose, their passion for True Sound, and the last wish of founder, John Bowers.
Words // Stacy Wynn | June 23, 2023 | Luxury

In the pursuit of an ideal speaker and the approach and the methodology to get there, 30 years ago, Bowers & Wilkins advanced how we listen to audio significantly with the no-holds-barred Nautlus Speaker. Its instantly recognizable form may be pure art, but it was defined by the science of sound, remaining a constant reminder of what’s possible. The long, tapered damping tubes were a revolution, allowing the drive units to work optimally by gently absorbing stray energy. To this day, many of the ground-breaking technologies incorporated in its creation are used elsewhere across their range of world-class loudspeakers. To commemorate this meaningful anniversary, they’re releasing a special shimmering Abalone Pearl pair; with infinite colors available via special service;