Mama Mia!

Meet a few Outstanding Mothers of Key Biscayne who are mastering the fine art of balancing life, work and family as they raise their children to be loving, successful and compassionate human beings.
Words by Anja Maltav | April 27, 2023 | People

Giving Back

Gladys Arneri has taught her sons, Tomas (13) and Oliver (11), the power of helping others. Their favorite activity to do as a family is cook meals in their restaurant, Milanezza, to feed the homeless in Downtown Miami with Hermanos De La Calle. “It’s when we are on the street that the magic happens,” she says. “Through the experience of helping others, kids learn to be more compassionate, get out of their comfort zone, and make themselves available to others.”

All Together

Motherhood for top-producing realtor Elena Chacon is all about “love, love and more love.” Her children, Tomas (14), Olivia (12), Elisa (8) and Nicolas (4), cherish every moment of living in Key Biscayne. “I’m so blessed to be able to help each of my children develop their own personalities, teaching them to be good people and guiding them in their lives with love and support,” she says. 

Girl Time

As a Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, Ludemila Bittencourt Vieira and her daughters, Ayisha (16) and Ayla (9), love getting dolled up together. “Our favorite activity is applying makeup on each other and makeup shopping,” she says. “The best part of being a mom is to know I am loved unconditionally, no matter what comes our way.”