Meaningful Screenings

Nestled within the captivating topography of the island, the Key Biscayne Film Festival’s goal is to raise awareness and inspire positive action for our delicate ecosystem.
Words // Anja Maltav | Photos // c/o KBFF | November 26, 2023 | People

The Key Biscayne Film Festival is on a mission to support the arts, build community and raise awareness of the environment, screening both fiction and documentary films with the theme “Islands & Oceans.” “In essence, the Key Biscayne Film Festival stands as a powerful catalyst for environmental consciousness and cultural appreciation, uniting people through the universal language of arts to create a positive impact on our planet and the global community,” say the organizers. Festival runs Feb. 2-3, 2024; The Opening Ceremony will take place at Paradise Park, with Screenings & Panels at the Key Biscayne Community Center. The Closing Ceremony is at The Ritz-Carlton Terrace & Ponce De Leon Ballroom; Sponsorship opportunities available; Tickets and All Access Festival Passes on sale now through the website;