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An intimate alternative to tower living, Oceana Key Biscayne’s Villas provide all the amenities of the luxury condominium lifestyle within exceptionally elegant stand-alone properties.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

A peerless addition to island lifestyle, Oceana Key Biscayne has rescaled respectability on the most exclusive of islands. And although many have been wowed by the chicly curated features on offer in their main tower, it’s their regal Mediterranean-style villas that’s grabbed the collective attention most recently, complementing the already out-of-this-world luxuries of the complex with a discreet character unparalleled in most modern residential installations. Featuring 5 bedrooms, private sundecks, manicured lots and a heated pool, in addition to all the extraordinary amenities included in their Oceana packages, these courtly chateaus should be a no-brainer for anyone interested in sun, surf, privacy and stately services. Interested? You’d better move quickly, there are only 12 available on the island;