Molto Delizioso

Masterfully melding the cultured and the casual, Tutto Pizza & Pasta’s effortlessly authentic selection manages to provide family-friendly fare without a dumbed-down menu.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

As parents residing in an emergent culinary capital, it often seems as if every evening out leads to two equally unattractive solutions: Either risk the untoward stares of rarified restaurateurs as we bus our brood into their decadent dining rooms; or punish our palates in the permissive halls of our nation’s great chains. And such seemed our lot, until, that is, Tutto Pizza & Pasta graced our Village. Enthusiastic to expose Key Biscayne’s wee ones to the delights and surprises of food crafted simply, authentically and lovingly, Chef Joao “Juca” Oliveira provides a toothsome menu truly satisfying for the whole family, all ensconced in a trattoria environment that tastefully tows the line between relaxed and refined. From their freshly fabricated pasta to their ever-enticing specials, there truly is something for every taste and appetite;