Money Matters

International Financial Advisor Marcelo Borrelli recognizes and values the trust his clients place in him and strives every day to exceed their expectations when it comes to their wealth managements and portfolios.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 27, 2021 | People

After 21 years in the Wealth Management industry, Marcel Borrelli, Managing Director of Borrelli Capital Management decided to go independent last September. “I joined the independent advisor platform of Insigneo Financial Group,,” he says. “Fortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t impacted the wealth management industry except for the ability to travel and have important face-to-face meetings. In terms of the underlying investment assets, the U.S. Financial Markets have been setting record highs almost every month so my clients’ portfolios have performed well during this pandemic. Looking forward, there appears to be more room for growth in the markets as economist have raised the target for US GDP to 5.5-6.0% thanks to the U.S. consumer-driven economy shifting more and more toward e-commerce.” Borrelli specializes in creating and managing assets of U.S and international clients, most of which are from Latin America. Contact via WhatsApp: 305.723.1684;