Ms. Luxe

Prepare to take any look in your wardrobe to the next level with these jewelry essentials that will fit any mood, style and taste — all with a maximum dose of luxury that will keep the compliments coming and the conversation flowing.
Photography: Kate Benson Hair & Makeup: Rob Scheppy | Mc2 Creative Management Model: Catherine Gourevitch | Mc2 Miami All jewelry exclusively by: Diamonds on the Key | Christina Termine *All prices upon request by visiting or calling 305.851.1460 | July 15, 2018 | Fashion

Think Pink
All jewelry shown in 18 karat rose gold. Matched pair of diamond link bracelets, with pave diamond heart charms, worn as a collar necklace. Spiral hoop earrings, set with pave diamond with an endless closure. Shown on right arm & hand: Extra wide flexible cuff bracelet with over 33 carats of white diamonds. Stacking micro pave diamond eternity band rings. Coiled snake ring with pave diamonds. Shown on left arm & hand: Striped cuff bracelet with diamonds set in rose and white gold. Extra wide, flexible eternity band set with over 9 carats of diamonds.

Black Magic
Drop earrings featuring faceted black sapphires pave set in 18 karat gold with black rhodium finish and white diamond accents. Shown on right arm & hand: Extra wide cuff pave set with over 46 carats of faceted black sapphires and white diamond accents. Matching ring pave set with over 17 carats of faceted black sapphires with central white diamond flower. Shown on left arm & hand: Diamond link bangle bracelet pave set with over 56 carats of faceted black sapphires. Flower ring with contrasting black & white diamond petals.

Lady of Leisure
Drop earrings pave set with 48 carats of pink sapphires, framed by diamond edging in 18 karat gold. Bracelet with over 95 carats of faceted “mixed cut” pink & green tourmalines with interspersed diamonds set in 18 karat gold. Oversized cocktail ring featuring a 42 carat faceted lemon citrine, surrounded by white diamonds.

Diamond Impact
Stunning array of rings, bracelets and earrings set with white diamonds in platinum. All rings contain GIA certified diamonds. Earrings with matched round, brilliant cut diamonds, totaling 6.03 carats total weight. Shown on left arm & hand: Alternating baguette and cushion cut diamond bracelet totaling 12 carats. Impressive bracelet with over 33 carats of “collection color” cushion cut diamonds. Important ring set with a central square emerald cut diamond weighing over 8 carats, flanked by matching Step Cut Trapezoids. Shown on right hand from pinky finger inward: Radiant cut diamond, 6.54 carats, flanked by Step Cut Kite shaped diamonds. Emerald cut diamond, 5.51 carats, flanked by Step Cut Trapezoid diamonds. Princess cut diamond, 3.04 carats, flanked by Trilliant Cut diamonds. Brilliant Round diamond, 4.01 carats, set as a classic solitaire.

Elegant Evenings
“Opera Necklace” containing over 53 carats of diamonds that can be worn as a double strand collar. Swing earrings with concentric circles set with 16 carats of diamonds. Shown on left arm & hand: “Spaghetti Bracelet” with diamond strands set with over 21 carats of diamonds. On left ring finger: Double stacked eternity bands, inner band shown with emerald cut diamonds totaling 9.54 carats set in platinum and outer band set with oval cut diamonds totaling 6.16 carats, also in platinum. On index finger: Ring with mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds totaling 3.64 carats. Shown on right arm & hand: “Spaghetti Bracelet” with diamond strands set with over 21 carats of diamonds. Double stacked diamond eternity bands, both with round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 6.33 carats and 6.57 carats, respectively.