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Natural Beauty

Staying beautiful and attractive takes work, but being healthy is one of the simplest ways to ensure great skin and that youthful glow. In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, ridding the skin of deep impurities and maintaining excellent exfoliation is essential. It is also very important to wash your face both morning and night so that your pores stay cleansed and stimulated…all keys to a beautiful complexion!

Pretty Secret
My newest discovery in makeup is Couleur Caramel, available in my studio! This all-natural French line contains vegetal and mineral ingredients that actually restore and rejuvenate the skin. With products ranging from foundation and powders to colorful eye shadows, liners and more, Couleur Caramel’s most beneficial quality is micronization…an exclusive process that allows the product to spread perfectly, leaving a soft and silky texture. My favorite product in the line is the Compact Powder! This ideal product for touch-ups throughout the day controls shine and unifies complexion while leaving skin velvety and silky. It comes in seven neutral shades and is the “It” product for 2010.
Kissable Cheeks
After finding the perfect natural (but blushing) color for your cheeks, choose a lip gloss that complements the shade. I’m love Couleur Caramel’s Transparent Lip Balm & Pearly Beige Gloss!

Wink Worthy
For eyes, the magic is in the application. Here’s the breakdown:
1. Highlight eyes by applying a pencil to the eye contour. Choose 3 shades of eye shadow.
2. Apply lightest shade to the inner corner of eye & the darkest shade to the outer, while blending the medium shade in between.
3. Illuminate eyes with one of Couleur Caramel’s Pearl Touch powders. It enlightens any look with luminous points on the face.
4. Intensify eyes by applying eyeliner to the eye contour and mascara to your lashes.
Bonus: Because of the incredible micronization found in Couleur Caramel, it allows you to easily achieve the perfect shading.
What Couleur?
For brown eyes, use blue eye shadow, liner or mascara.
For blue eyes, use brown or black eye highlighters.
For green eyes, use deep purple to make eyes stand out.

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“The hair is the richest ornament of women.”
— Martin Luther

Plain Jane
Only 4% of American women NEVER wear makeup. Some sight allergies, others say they want to avoid the affects of aging. The one thing all those women have in common is that they haven’t found the right makeup yet.




Healthy Hair
A recent poll shows that the hair that women admire the most is on Gisele Bündchen’s perfect head. No word on if her body had any effect on their selection. Wonder how many of them subconsciously think Tom Brady comes with the coif?!




Yuck Factor
In any given year, the average head of hair has more than 200 bugs come in contact with it day and night. The nocturnal creepy crawlers usually make their way from your follicles into your mouth, nose and ears where they die.