Natural Eye

Artist Cristina Fournier loves capturing the beauty of nature with the power of her brush on magical canvases that exude wonder, color and imagination.

Cristina Fournier’s love of art was born in her native Costa Rica, where the lush landscapes of wild flowers and birds inspired her to start painting. Since then, she’s traveled around the world, finding inspiration for her art in places as diverse as the Judah Desert and New York City. In addition to raising 5 children — one of whom is a Key Biscayne local — Fournier also shared her love of art with students at a range of schools, from Berry College in Georgia to the University of Costa Rica. Along the way, she’s picked up an impressive range of awards for her work, including receiving the Key To The City of New Orleans. For all her traveling, she still has a special soft spot for the island. “I love the weather, the gardens, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere,” she says. “Best of all, you can find people from all over the world in Key Biscayne!”;