Natural Luxury

Linen style leader 120% Lino has partnered with fashion-forward designer Chicco Barina to create a limited capsule collection that transforms the brand’s “Natural Luxury” soul into sustainable and versatile outfits dedicated to the contemporary traveler.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Fashion

Chicco Barina has distinguished himself for not just two decades of delicious designs working with top Italian brands and large international groups, but for his constant study and research on natural fabrics and their transformations through sustainable processes. His passion and deep knowledge of natural fibers made him the right partner for 120% Lino, with their “Natural Luxury” DNA. The focal element of this special limited-edition capsule collection is linen together with that other extremely natural fiber: cotton. Flexibility and timeless style are the key ingredients of the must-have “Just For Us“ pieces, with their easy to mix-and-match versatility that covers from breakfast to cocktails. The “capsule“ is designed to be the perfect suitcase for a contemporary international traveler. In addition to the choice of natural fibers, the manufacturing process is absolutely sustainable and made in Italy, in order to provide the highest quality while decreasing C02 emissions;