Naturally Nantucket

Nestled in the crook of Nantucket Harbor, the Wauwinet Hotel offers an adults-only escape from the rigorous pace of the workaday world.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 14, 2018 | Lifestyle

Imagine, if you will, a crackling fireplace, enjoyed in the evening after a day filled with ruddy boat rides with intrepid and informative local treasure Captain Rob. Or picture being transport via antique automobile to all the farthest reaches of natural majesty including breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner ensconced in a restaurant consistently ranked one of the finest in the world. No, this is not the picturesque setting of some Dickens-esque New England epic or pastoral landscape painting. These and more are the amenities that patrons of the Nantucket Wauwinet Hotel and adjoining restaurant Topper’s enjoy from summer until late autumn. Featuring two private beaches, individually decorated rooms and exceptional service, this child-free location allows distinguished titans of business and politics to unplug, unwind and uncork. If interested in accommodations, we suggest you scramble: Rooms are often booked up to 7 years in advance;