Nature Connect

Plants are like people, right? Over the years, my wife and I have implemented our love of nature into every facet of our lives.
Words by Jorge Arauz | June 26, 2022 | Lifestyle

“When venturing out into nature, whether alone or accompanied, no matter what the weather, forecast or terraine, always bring your own sunshine!”  Anthony J. D’Angelo

We have scores of indoor plants throughout our house and office; we’ve authored countless books and articles on tropical plants, gardening and landscapes; we’ve won nature photo competitions and had our pictures published in nature journals; we’re active members of almost every local nature society; we spend our weekends exploring botanical gardens and tending to our yard; we have a collection of rare and exotic orchids on display year-round; we give plants (and only plants!) as gifts; and our home is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Butterfly Waystation. Monsoon season in Miami makes everything grow bigger and brighter. As we contemplate our next plant purchase or propagation project, I encourage you to get out there and explore nature for yourself — get some sand between your toes, plant a tree, add indoor plants to your living spaces, read a nature book, take a stroll surrounded by nature. It could change your life. 


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