Nature Sights

Multidisciplinary design studio Cactus unveils 360 immersive projection mapping and purpose-built architecture for the world to see.
Words // Anja Maltav | Photos // Leonardo Finotti | January 28, 2022 | Lifestyle

All future-facing eyes are on the Brazil Pavilion @ World Expo Dubai, a nature-evoking experience by Cactus that will transport visitors to lush landscapes, forests, canyons and beaches through breathtaking, larger-than-life visual projections. Stepping through a shallow reflective pool beneath the 24,800-sq.-ft. enclosure, visitors are immersed in a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. From the walls to the floor and ceiling, guests are surrounded by vibrant videos, enveloped in the wondrous sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest. As the sun sets, the exterior of the exhibit transforms into a luminous cube of dazzling images, traversing through Brazil’s lush and diverse landscapes. “This project is a culmination of everything we love doing,” says Lucas Werthein, Head of Technology for Cactus. “We believe we need more of in this world — getting people out of their phones and into their lives, experiencing wonder in a way that is memorable, sensory and highly entertaining and engaging.”;