Nemo’s Watch  

It’s good news that Nove did not get the memo saying all dive watches have to look pretty much the same, with an exterior rotating bezel and a simple black dial.
Words by Bill Lindsey | April 28, 2022 | Luxury

Founded in 2015, Nove is already making waves in the timepiece industry by combining innovative engineering with eye-catching designs. The Nove Atlantean Dive Watch is a great example of the firm’s goal of creating timepieces that are reliable, practical and eminently reliable. Handcrafted and hand-assembled in Switzerland to withstand depths of up to 300 meters, the most noticeable feature is a dial crafted from a reflective abalone shell, conjuring images of the ocean’s depths. A closer look reveals the radically innovative rotating bezel used to track elapsed time. Unlike most dive watches with external bezels that could inadvertently be rotated (which could be a big problem to a diver needing to know how long they have been submerged!) the Atlantean’s bezel is located under the crystal, on the dial. A locking lever adjacent to the stem allows adjustment and locking to prevent further movement. The dial’s markers and hands all receive a treatment of Super Luminova to allow use on low or no-light conditions.  Available in traditional or black stainless steel with a matching locking bracelet at a remarkably attractive price;