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New Life

A good stone floor is an investment, one you should protect with regular maintenance. But after time, even the most durable floors can use some restorative help. Luckily, the gurus at Prestige Marble Polishing know exactly how to bring them back to their former glory, whether granite, marble, limestone, slate or travertine. Prestige specializes in diamond grinding, epoxy repairs, deep alkaline cleaning, and a host of other head-spinning technologies. Bring in the experts and watch your floors come back to life;

Furniture Allure
The nuanced, airy designs from Koket have been called “more reminiscent of jewelry than furnishings,” and for good reason. Creative Director Janet Morais and her team of designers have created a line of delicate pieces accented with materials rarely used in the home furnishing arena, including exotic stones and metallics. This vintage-inspired Orchidea console is a perfect example with its sensual curves and touches of black velvet;

Clean Sweep
Negotiating the world of cleaning products can be something of a nightmare. How do you know which ones are cost-effective and won’t dump pollutants down your drains? Here’s one answer: Make them yourself! It’s actually quite easy to mix up your own cleaning solvents for a wide variety of purposes simply out of materials you’ve probably got clogging up your cabinets. Try these:
• Diluted white vinegar is a powerhouse when it comes to dissolving dirt, soap scum, or hard water deposits, yet is gentle enough to clean hardwood floors.
• Full-strength white vinegar packs an even more potent punch. Showerhead blocked with mineral deposits? Fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and tie it around the shower head, submerging it. Two hours later you’ll be amazed at how clean it looks.
• Baking soda isn’t just for making muffins. It’s also a great abrasive for tackling food deposits in kitchen sinks or grimy bathtub rings. Just sprinkle it on and scrub, or make a paste with water and apply. Twenty minutes later those stains will be a cinch to remove.
• Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia (pick a non-sudsing variety) with 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid and two cups water. Funnel into a spray bottle and use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Happy cleaning!

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“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”
— George Moore

Tub Party
President William Taft once got stuck in the tub in his White House bathroom. The offending fixture was replaced with one big enough to fit 4 people, just in case future Presidents wanted to host bathtub parties.




Ecosystem Woes
Coral is a living organism, and the rare black coral near the site of the BP oil spill is a particularly old one: around 2,000 years. We suspect it thinks the neighborhood has gone downhill.




Fun House
Architects in Japan have built a house with a unique design feature: Movement from one story to another is done by way of a great big slide. If they build one with a water slide, we’re buying.