New Wave

Brave and genius, we introduce you to a group of talented designers providing a breath of fresh air to the South Florida landscape with aesthetics that are powerful and relevant within the current momentum.
Photography: Nick Garcia | Styling & Art Direction: Jhon Jairo Santos Hair & Makeup: Cesar Ferrette @ Rik Rak | Model: Maria Piracci @ The Syndical Photography Assistant: Richard Mestre | May 8, 2018 | Fashion

Boundless Philosophy

Bo Khasa Marina started his line in 2011 as a response to societal rules on gender and uniformity, as well as the decline of quality in education and the constant devaluation of creativity and self-sufficiency in life. “The idea was to question the rules we place on each other in our daily interactions, starting with an aesthetic approach that delves into the infinite layers of the characters we exude (and interpret) at first glance.”
He adds: “Growing up in a third-world country with no role models who validated individuality and self-expression, I found myself in a global society that presented a threatening environment where many are bullied, ridiculed and persecuted for being themselves. It inspired me to leave my home each day wearing my art, in hopes that anyone who felt judged or restricted by society can be reminded that it’s not only OK, but incredibly empowering to be yourself no matter what!”
With it’s own anti-fashion embodiment, the true aesthetic behind Khasa Marina focuses on each individual piece as a conversation between the material of choice and the transformation through an idea, utilizing only hands and scissors during the design process of each piece. When asked about future projects, Bo replies his main goal will always be to continue creating; @KhasaMarina

Gender Blender

If you told Chaplin Tyler a few years back that her first collection as a designer was going to be designed in less than a month and launched here in Miami, she would have thought it was a joke. But it only took a call from her dear friend Sculpture Artist Alejandro Guzman, who asked her to join forces with him for a performance & exhibition at Faena Forum, that a desire to break the norm put in motion one of the designer’s most exciting experiences to date.
“Having worked for brands like Calvin Klein, Reebok and other private menswear labels while living in NYC for 9 years, I felt like there were a lot of vacancies in Miami in terms of art and design,” she says. “There aren’t many young fashion designers here and mostly the market is saturated with cocktail dresses and swimwear. I saw Miami as a place that had fertile ground for young artists and designers, and I wanted to create something that challenged people’s idea of gender.”
With a unisex aesthetic that constantly evolves, along with a strong ethos on structure and minimalism, Tyler’s designs have a genius flair of eccentricity. “I’m really focused on creating collections that break down the gender binary of what’s considered masculine or feminine, especially in Miami where I think there’s a lot of conditioning regarding the subject.”; @ChaplinTyler

Feminine Rythm

After leaving her previous job as a designer last year for a different brand and giving some serious thought to developing her own line, Valeria Krasavina centered her creative mindset into making her brand a reality. The ultra-feminine line focuses on smartly tailored silhouettes with the right amount of sophistication and flare for the contemporary woman.
“I would say movement is a big part of my designs, along with a good level of sensuality, where the contemporary woman is able to show her feminine side without being overexposed.” She adds: “It’s all about how textures and fabrics play within the fit and cut of the garments, in a way that makes you feel very feminine and effortless.” With an incredible eye for detail, the designer currently has a full collection completed and a second one in the making. “My current obsession is trying to create garments that appeal to every woman while restructuring classic patterns to fit the body in its best form.”
Krasavina’s most recent achievement was being selected as the winner of Peroni’s Emerging Designer Series during Miami Swim Week 2017. “Being such a young brand, I’m most certain there will be many moments like that to come,” she says. “I’m deeply grateful and couldn’t be happier with the platform in which I was able to showcase.”; @ValeriaKrasavina

Baruch Hashem

These days, young brands need a great concept to thrive within social media platforms. With expertly curated Instagram content that showcases what a fashion line stands for, designers can create a compelling conversation across the globe. The digital era we live in has allowed many talented creative minds to turn their dreams into reality. Yarden Roee is one such example. His proportional, deconstructed and statuesque pieces featured on Instagram got the attention of Vogue Italia’s Senior Fashion Editor Sara Maino when she and her team were scouting new talent to feature in the magazine.
“Yarden Roee started in 2013 as a fashion blog. I began taking amateur photos with photographer Dylan Thomas and posted them on Instagram,” says Roee. “We constantly aimed to push the boundaries of what is accepted and expected for ready-to-wear, and thoroughly explored the realm of genderless, unisex fashion.”
He adds: “As I took more studio classes, and my university career progressed, I developed a desire to create and design fashion. I started from scratch. I saved some money up for the standard Brother sewing machine that I got for $90 at Walmart, and I got to work. I had no idea how to thread the machine at first, or how to press down the J-foot, or even how to change my stitch length, but I’ve since been able to teach myself everything I know.”
Besides his self-professed plans to rule the planet, Roee confesses that he enjoys conveying and partaking in genuine experiences that represent individuality and uniqueness. “I always enjoyed watching myself and others stand out and saw it as a revolutionary approach towards the future,” he says. Yarden moved from Miami to New York a few months ago to pursue new opportunities for his brand, and the fashion world is collectively holding its breath to see what he comes up with next; @YardenRoee