NFT Display

Blackdove is on a mission to connect the world in a shared art experience. For the first time in history, art can be viewed in an authentic way on dedicated high-quality screens by a global audience instantaneously.
Words by Zelda Grant | April 28, 2022 | Luxury

Due to the limitations of consumer televisions, a new breed of displays are entering the market with the Blackdove Digital Canvas leading the way. Specifically designed for the medium, the digital canvas includes portrait orientation, local storage, high brightness, auto-boot to artwork, 24/7 ratings for 5-7 years (vs. TVs 2-3 hours per day), remote support capabilities and much more. “The key to the Blackdove platform is the elegant simplicity of both user and display experiences with best-in-class performance — you simply cannot explain the impact,” says Blackdove Creative Director Ana Carolina Gonzalez. Experience the vibrancy and excitement at home or in person at their fabulous new gallery space that just launched in Wynwood;