Nice Vice

Picking the right Valentine’s Day present for the man in your life can be a seriously daunting task. Particularly for the guy who has everything. David Linley offers The Vice Box.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 30, 2020 | Luxury

We’re not trying to encourage any bad habits here. But there’s a reason that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” We all need to cut loose once in a while; high-powered gents in particular. The Vice Box is a treasure trove for the man who loves poker, a good smoke, a drink or two, and perhaps even some politically incorrect conversation now and again with the guys. It’s also a work of art with its marquetry depiction crafted in ripple walnut, straight walnut and sycamore. The inside of the box is lined in a hand-dyed red bolivar veneer and houses a Trafalgar whisky decanter, four Trafalgar whisky tumblers, 300 11g clay poker chips, two packs of bespoke playing cards, a cigar cutter and space for a dozen cigars. At $10,000, your man will have no doubts that you simply adore him;