Ocean Regeneration

Miami resident Aslaug Magnúsdóttir recently launched a sustainable fashion brand named Katla. The lastest collaboration, Wonderful Beings was created with Icelandic artist Hendrikka Waage and features one-of-a-kind pieces.
Words // Zelda Grant | August 28, 2023 | People

Hendrikka Waage is an internationally renowned jewelry designer and artist. Her Wonderful Beings series showcases women with a single ear, representing the idea that in today’s world of excessive information, you don’t have to listen to everything. The women are Climate Warriors, with some even carrying weapons. The 200 unique attributes were initially hand-painted by the artist and later digitized. What makes the line even more unique is Katla’s partnership with Ivy.Cash, allowing everyone to own the digitized art from their hoodie as an NFT. Sacha Tueni, Co-Founder & CEO of Ivy.Cash is also Magnúsdóttir’s husband. Through Ivy.Cash’s hyper-simplified technology, everyone has easy access to get their very own NFT while supporting ocean regeneration. The couple — who named their 1-year-old son Ocean — are fond of the sea and never stray far from the shore. It is their preeminent love of nature that motivated them to dedicate 15% of the NFT proceeds and ongoing royalties to seaweed cultivation in Iceland. Did you know that seaweed sequesters 20x the CO2 of land trees?;;;