Off-Road Kids

The newest Tesla isn’t for mom or dad — it’s for the youngest members of the family. No it’s not a self-driving car to take the kids to school, but the totally radical Cyberquad For Kids!
Words by Stacy Wynn | January 28, 2022 | Lifestyle

Iconic childhood brand Radio Flyer, in partnership with Tesla Design Studio, has launched the Cyberquad For Kids. This high-performance ATV offers faster speed, longer run times, and quicker charges with a game-changing design inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. This unique ATV design features cyber-punk inspired faceted body panels with LED light bars for the headlight and taillight just like the full size Cyberquad design. The variable speed thumb throttle gives total control to the rider from 0-10 mph, and the rear disc brake provides high-performance braking action. The aggressive tread on the rubber air-filled tires gives traction in all terrains for superior handling and maneuverability for making fabulous childhood memories. Meanwhile, the battery technology provides maximum power throughout the duration of the ride. It has an extended range (15+miles) and charges 3X faster than traditional batteries. Ride on!;