Off-road Royalty

Today’s 4-wheelers owe their existence to the Adam & Eve of off-roaders: the Willys Jeep and the Land Rover. The Willys is gone, but the Land Rover lives on, ready to rumble down jungle paths, deserts, rivers, lakes and 836.
Words by Bill Lindsey | October 30, 2019 | Luxury

Back in the 1940s, the Brits created the Land Rover, a tough little vehicle capable of going pretty much anywhere you pointed it. In the ensuing years, Land Rovers have spread across the globe, climbing snow-encrusted mountains, traversing deserts and crossing piranha-infested rivers. While most owners stick to the pavement, they take comfort knowing they could drive over a volcano, should one ever pop up. Unlike plump Range Rovers, Land Rovers are the real deal, and none are “more real” than the Land Rover Defender Series. Back after a 20-year hiatus, the latest Defender is still made of aluminum but now with some high-tech twists. Three models — the 90, 110 and the stretched 130 — allow you to choose a Defender to suit your personal explorations. Power options include a gas/electric hybrid, 2 diesel engines (adventurers gargle with diesel fuel) and two “petrol”-fueled engines. You may never need to drive thorough 3 feet of water, but you could in a Defender, just as you could climb Pikes Peak — without using the road full of panting Priuses, or is it Prii?; It won’t matter either way;